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We are Metagame! We love you, also art, playing games, making games, watching movies, ice cream, travelling to exotic islands on this planet... yeah! this text is boring, let's move on!

celebratIng one year

of zombieland




Zombieland: AFK Survival is an Addictive Idle-RPG featuring your favorite characters from the blockbuster movie "Zombieland". Hit the road, collect deadly loot, and fight off waves of brain-hungry zombies! We know it's a bleaky vision of the future, but we promise is just fantasy! It's not real! ...yet!

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TAP Busters

Hey humans, join the Tap Busters! Become a virtual bounty hunter and tap to destroy evil monsters. Big guns, solid armour and a powerful minion will help you out there, in the digital lands! Play this game, it's safe!

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who we are

Dan Teodorescu

Has 22 yrs XP designing & producing Mobile Games, managed IPs like Harry Potter, FIFA, Lost or Mission: Impossible, Star Trek. He also was the director of EA Bucharest at some point.

Daniel Nay

Served 19 yrs XP as a top software engineer and manager. Adobe Systems had him as an Engineering Manager and Gameloft as a Team Lead, not at the same time, of course.


An awarded illustrator and art director also a geek. Has 19 yrs of XP creating  visual worlds for big brands. He was named one of the best 200 illustrators worldwide by Luerzers Archive and at some point also received a Cannes Lion.


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